Close Digital Protection™ platform v2 launch

Monitor, Assess, and Investigate your Attack Surface to Reduce Business Impact Risk

Close Digital Protections™ provides complete visibility of the surface, deep, and dark web to gather, analyse, and disseminate information about cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing your organisation.

Attackers plan to compromise your business. Why not plan to stop them?

The surface, deep, and dark web are mediums bad actors used to communicate, share, and plan to disrupt business operations, including customer and supplier functions.

Secure your digital footprint by controlling your external attack surface and breaking past what traditional security can’t see.

Identify The Unknown

Discover what is beyond your internal perimeter walls, identify threats facing your brand, infrastructure, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Protect Business Operations

Reduce financial loss and interruption in business operations by having a blueprint to proactively identify threats and indictors of compromise.

Intelligence Monitoring Modules

Empower your customers with trust and confidence in your brand by benefiting from advanced intelligence capabilities.

Driven and powered by the most extensive dataset

Light up the deep and dark web with visibility of billions of attributes that have been cleansed and contextualised.

Live and Historic Data From

850+ Million

Dark Web Pages

Compromised Credentials From

100+ Billion

Leaked Data Records

Buyers, Sellers, and Chatter on

250+ Million

Deep Web Pages

Access your Complimentary Risk Exposure Report

CDP risk exposure reports are generated by assessing thousands of open and closed data sources from the deep and dark web.

We’ll create a high-level snapshot of your digital footprint and provide you with a report detailing your cyber risk exposure evaluation.

This snapshot provides a broad understanding of your online activities and preferences, highlighting areas of potential exposure so that you gain the visibility you need to strengthen defences.

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