Protect your brand and maintain Customer Trust

Protect your brand's integrity by proactively discovering and monitoring key customer-facing assets.


Why your organisation needs Brand Protection

Brand Protection involves the implementation of strategies, practices and tools to safeguard your company's brand identity, reputation and intellectual property rights against counterfeiting, infringement and unauthorised use.

Cyb3r Operations' Close Digital Protection (CDP) platform provides protection against brand threats to maintain your organisation's integrity, preserve customer trust and prevent financial and reputational damage caused by illicit activities.

Safeguard brand reputation, prevent counterfeiting, infringement and unauthorised use of your intellectual property.
Defend intellectual property rights from illegal use by rouge individuals and organisations.
Mitigate financial loss and legal risk of brand dilution caused by competitors using similar names or designs.

Marketplace and Brand protection Challenges

Brand Abuse

Safeguard your brand and reputation from malicious actors seeking to exploit your identity for scams, phishing, fraud, unauthorised access or financial gain.

Counterfeit Markets

Defend your customers and reputation from counterfeit products and deceptive, replica designs that can undermine your businesses' trust and revenue.

Trademark Infringements

Prevent impersonation on your website and social media. Stop unauthorised use of trademarks that can deceive consumers, causing damage or loss to your business.

Grey Market Sales

Combat the unauthorised sale of your products outside intended distribution networks. Ensure authenticity, prevent counterfeiting and exposure to cyber threats.

Counteract external threats with speed, precision and scalability.

Customer Protection

Get instant notifications when bad actors are targeting your customers for financial gain.

Brand Coverage

Access coverage of your organisation's brand assets in a single, intuitive dashboard - view data feed searches from over 100b resources.

Automated Analysis

Gain actionable intelligence on real-time threats to your brand assets by filtering noise using our advanced AI/ML capabilities.

Are you protected against brand attacks?

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Discover and Protect your Brand

Before you protect against brand threats - ensure you identify all assets at potential risk.

Social Network Accounts

Social network attacks can be detrimental to the platform and it's users. Protect your organisation's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts from malicious threats.

Websites & Online Stores

Brand websites and online stores are attractive targets for bad actors. Prevent the impersonation of content from corporate and ecommerce platforms on which your customers interact.

Smart Device Applications

Mobile apps can be vulnerable to security risk due to their design and usage. Counteract bogus applications - in authentic and spurious apps stores - across all mobile devices.

Branded Content

Cybercriminals can exploit your branded content for malicious activities. Safeguard your collateral from illicit use on online storage facilities such as Google and Microsoft Cloud.