Proactive defence against Deep Web threats

Track threat actors as the move back and forth between the deep and dark web selling your data.


Bad actors capitalise on popular Deep Web message platforms

Bad Actors use deep web platforms such as Telegram, Discord and Message Boards as alternatives to underground forums.

These popular message platforms offer black market communication channels and security features that allow malicious entities to spread malware and expose highly-sensitive data, stolen identities and trade secrets.

Stay informed about your emerging exposure by continuously monitoring the deep web threat landscape to protect your organisation from existing and potential attacks. 

Identify if your organisation is leaking information within un-indexed search engines
Detect emerging cyber threats, empowering proactive defence against malicious actors.
Prevent personal information being traded, enabling timely actions to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Discover bad actors discussing your organisation on message boards.

Close Digital Protection (CDP) uses advanced technology to continuously collect data from various deep web sources - including popular message platforms such as Telegram and Discord.

Using ethical keyword monitoring and pattern recognition techniques, we decipher and contextualise threats for our customers' security teams.

Monitor extremist content on hidden communication channels

We use a combination of technology, human analysis and expertise to detect, track and mitigate extremist activities on the deep web.

Monitoring forums, websites, message and image boards such as 4chan, we balance and safeguard the protection of privacy, operating within legal and ethical guidelines to support the critical efforts of our partners and law enforcement agencies. 

Investigate stolen and shared content that can damage your reputation

Unauthorised access to your content can result in compromised intellectual property (IP), impersonation attempts or financial ransom.

We carefully monitor and identify mentions of your brand across known criminal entities and communication channels - investigating threats, patterns and illicit actors potentially targeting your organisation and reputation.

Intercept bad actor Encrypted Chats on favoured channels

Encrypted chat channels such as Internet Relay Chat (IRC) are a favoured communication tool for cyber criminals seeking anonymity from security measures and law enforcement.

Using critical and continuous data collection from channels known to be used by criminal entities, our sophisticated Close Digital Protection (CDP) technology and team of specialists allow us to investigate and gather information on potential threats.

Continuous monitoring of the deep web threat landscape

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CDP risk exposure reports are generated by assessing thousands of open and closed data sources from the deep and dark web.

We’ll create a high-level snapshot of your digital footprint and provide you with a report detailing your cyber risk exposure evaluation.

This snapshot provides a broad understanding of your online activities and preferences, highlighting areas of potential exposure so that you gain the visibility you need to strengthen defences.

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