Strengthen security with predictive Threat Context

Manage alert overload and gain actionable insights and real time intelligence on potential security threats that really matter.


Unravel threat context awareness to empower decision-making

Close Digital Protection (CDP) offers advanced threat context analysis capabilities, providing access to a structured database of known individual security threats targeting or mentioning your business.  

Ascertain imminent threats and reduce noise around known activities to identify threat actors, vendors, extremists, activists and hacktivists posing a risk to your organisation.  Our single window dashboard expedites access to comprehensive intelligence on the system or network targeted, attack characteristics and specific user profiles including markets of operation, techniques and email addresses.

Empower your security team to make rapid, informed decisions, reduce alert fatigue and improve resource efficiency.

GROUPS: threat actors, vendors, user activists, hacktivists,
extremists and terrorists
WEAPONS: malware, chemical and firearms
SOURCES: ransomware, forums, darknet and deep social
BEHAVIOURS: deceptive, hostile, physical violence,  brand threat, gossiping, sexually explicit

Profile cybersecurity threats across the web

Disruptive profiling of threat groups - including bad actors, vendors, activists, hacktivists, extremists and terrorists - our advanced threat context technology and machine learning databases allow organisations to monitor emerging hazards and gain predictive insights on potential security risks, defence directives and risk mitigation measures.

Track and expose weapons across the web

Supporting agencies and organisations committed to averting targeted weapons (firearms, chemicals and malware) attacks on people, assets or sensitive information. Our customers include government, military and law enforcement agencies, critical infrastructure providers and private security firms.

Unveil specific threat behaviours targeting your organisation

Derive a deep understanding of threats originating from various web sources such as ransomware sites, forums, darknet and social media. Analyse sources and gain advanced insight into discussions surrounding your brand, tracking the sentiments of bad actors exhibiting deceptive and hostile behaviours towards your business.

Gain unrivalled noise reduction capabilities

Avoid alert fatigue and focus responses on threats that truly matter. Interpret and make sense of thousands of alerts using Close Digital Protection (CDP) noise reduction capabilities, applying context to each data point to aid the identification and prioritisation of significant and relevant alerts.

When businesses choose us, they get the full picture

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Number of activists groups tracked


Threat actors monitored in underground forums


Known users and vendors monitored

Access your Complimentary Risk Exposure Report

CDP risk exposure reports are generated by assessing thousands of open and closed data sources from the deep and dark web.

We’ll create a high-level snapshot of your digital footprint and provide you with a report detailing your cyber risk exposure evaluation.

This snapshot provides a broad understanding of your online activities and preferences, highlighting areas of potential exposure so that you gain the visibility you need to strengthen defences.

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