Unparalleled intelligence and Real-time Search

Empower security teams with integrated analysis and Real-time Search capabilities to support informed and rapid responses.


Unique Real-time Search and alert monitoring capabilities

Close Digital Protection’s (CDPs) unrivalled alert monitoring and Real-time Search function capabilities combine traditional threat alert observation and investigation technologies in one holistic platform.

CDP’s advanced graph technology, seamless third-party integrations and single-window dashboard offer your organisation the leading solution to optimise and extend external threat intelligence analysis.

Our comprehensive analysis and innovative technologies offer optimised protection and insights, empowering Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams to dive deep into live alerts and accelerate attack prevention.

Access real-time search capabilities across our surface, deep and dark web intelligence feeds
Investigate alerts with ease by using our CDP link analysis tools
Benefit from platform tools offering extended visibility in external Open Source Intelligence

Instant access to Real-time Search capabilities

Timely and invaluable intelligence, CDPs Real-time Search capability offers instant access to data sources and a real time asset search function - using threat keywords, domains and names - to investigate potential compromise as it happens across the deep and dark web.

Comprehensive, single-window investigation graphs

Our comprehensive single-window dashboard offers additional context and unique perspective for security teams investigating specific alerts, detected in our sources - assisting prompt analysis and timely responses.

Visualise and map data with graph technology and link analysis

Our graph-based visualisation technology enables in-depth analysis of obvious and non-obvious relationships, enabling users to create links between various entities such as assets, threat actors, users and sensitive PII data points, for visualised data and faster connections to expedite threat identification.

Enhance Investigations with integrated OSINT tools

Top OSINT tool integration offering extensive visibility across multiple social media platforms to search, enhance investigations and validate assumptions. Incorporating domain, IP address, names and usernames served as a comprehensive tool for data analysis to ensure your organisation gains reliable, real time information.

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CDP risk exposure reports are generated by assessing thousands of open and closed data sources from the deep and dark web.

We’ll create a high-level snapshot of your digital footprint and provide you with a report detailing your cyber risk exposure evaluation.

This snapshot provides a broad understanding of your online activities and preferences, highlighting areas of potential exposure so that you gain the visibility you need to strengthen defences.

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