Combat destructive attacks on external infrastructure

Protect your websites, applications, cloud services, APIs and other critical resources to ensure optimal functionality.


Why your organisation needs full IT infrastructure visibility

Attack surface visibility (ASV) provides a holistic view of where critical IT infrastructure is susceptible to cyber criminality.

Once mapped, ASV enables early threat detection, rapid incident response, real-time vulnerability assessment and continuous monitoring of systems and networks at risk of exposure – strengthening defences and optimising best practices.

Close Digital Protection (CDP) offers a complete visual axis of your attack surface with continuous threat monitoring, proactive analysis and rapid remediation - helping avert attacks across critical digital assets such as websites, applications, hardware, software and data.

Achieve full ASV of domains, sub-domains and IP addresses to protect valuable assets and data.
Detect downtime in key infrastructure to identify possible ongoing or attempted attacks.
Identify related and hidden assets, previously unknown to your organisation, which could be susceptible to breach.

Infrastructure and External Network Challenges

Service Disruptions

A significant challenge for businesses and their customers, service downtime often negatively impacts consumer satisfaction and trust, instigate revenue loss and reputational damage.

Unknown Vulnerabilities

Websites and applications unknown to businesses can lack basic security measures, creating hidden attack surfaces that compromise your organisation's overall cybersecurity posture.

User Experience Impact

Degraded performance on unmonitored or unknown platforms can disrupt customer experience. Service outages, data breaches and slow response times deter customer loyalty and trust.

Delayed Issue Resolution

You can’t fix quickly what you can’t see - inadequate ASV hampers swift issue resolution, prolonging response times and increasing potential risk to a system's security and performance.

Mitigate external threats with agility, accuracy and confidence.

Fortify Critical Infrastructure

Discover what is beyond your internal perimeter. Identify threats to your IT infrastructure, brand, employees, customers & suppliers.

Manage Risk Exposure

Reduce exposure to financial loss and interruption in business operations. Secure a complete infrastructure blueprint to proactively identify threats and indicators of compromise.

Optimise Threat Response

Enhance IT security across your entire technology infrastructure by quickly identifying and mitigating cyber threats and vulnerabilities using real-time analysis tools.

Does your business have full attack surface visibility?

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Discover and Fortify your IT Infrastructure

To protect against IT Infrastructure threats - secure a full attack surface blueprint to optimise visibility.

Network Perimeter

The boundary separating your organisation's internal network from external networks e.g. the internet. Attackers seeking unauthorised access can target this area to find vulnerabilities in firewalls, routers and other security devices.

Endpoint Devices

Connected to your network, devices include PCs, laptops, smartphones and IoT devices. Vulnerable to malware, phishing and other threats, these endpoints can compromise sensitive data or provide attackers with access to your network.

Applications and Software

Server-connected and easy to exploit if they have security flaws or weak configurations. Attackers can attempt unauthorised access to databases or inject malicious code into applications to steal data or disrupt services for financial gain.

User Accounts and Credentials

Weak or stolen user credentials pose a significant risk to your business. Attackers often attempt to compromise user accounts through tactics such as password guessing, phishing or using previously leaked credentials from other breaches.