We're on a mission to protect your organisation's digital assets

Established on the fundamental principle of risk mitigation and management, Cyb3r Operations is led by a team of information security and high-growth company specialists committed to combatting external cyber security threats facing your business.

Our Mission

Our ethos translates to one clear mission - customer security. Inspiring a culture of continuous improvement that delivers high-quality, actionable intelligence around threat actors, vendors, activists, extremists and malware - our motivation is innovation, trust and excellence.

Meet our Executive Team

Vincent Cook

Chief Executive Officer

A visionary leader with an epochal passion for cyber resilience. Vincent's progressive approach to cybersecurity and disruptive technologies has positioned Cyb3r Operations as the leading threat intelligence partner for global enterprise, public sector and national security agencies.

Jonathan Lawton

Chief Operating Officer

Overseeing day-to-day business operations and driving organisational efficiency, Jonathan has a strong strategic acumen and background in finance, technology and management - building and nurturing a company culture of success and innovation that supports Cyb3r Operations' ethos.

Mitul Ruparelia

Chief Revenue Officer

Leading strategic initiatives, Mitul drives business expansion and market presence, leveraging his expertise to deliver industry leading customer security. Mitul develops innovative growth strategies, forges key partnerships and ensures the company's continued success.

Buck Rogers

Chief Security Officer

A dynamic and internationally recognised cyber security specialist, Prof Rogers has dedicated his career to spearheading innovative defence mechanisms against evolving cyber threats. Prof Rogers is a leading force in safeguarding enterprises from digital adversaries of cyber resilience.