Fortify defences against Dark Web threats

Stay protected in the shadows of the internet with our advanced dark web monitoring services.


Prevent bad actors targeting your organisation in the Dark Web

Dark web threat intelligence is vital for organisations seeking to enhance cybersecurity and risk management strategies – allowing you to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries operating on encrypted networks.

Actively monitoring and analysing dark web threat activity targeting your assets, we proactively identify data breaches, stolen credentials, illegal trade of sensitive information and discussions about planned cyberattacks against your business.

Close Digital Protection (CDP) offers crucial insights into potential risks and impending attacks, empowering your security team to proactively strengthen defences by taking preventive measures to safeguard networks, systems and valuable data.

Identify compromised data promptly, enabling rapid remediation to secure sensitive information.
Detect emerging cyber threats, empowering proactive defence against malicious actors.
Prevent the trade of personal information, enabling timely actions to avert identity theft and fraud.

Reveal exposed corporate and executive credentials

Protect your employees and executives from business email compromise and account takeover attacks by stopping unauthorised users obtaining stolen credentials purchased on the dark web.

Detect leaked financial and banking data

Leverage advanced monitoring tools and data analysis to detect stolen credit cards, banking information and online banking access being sold and shared by vendors on the dark web.

Visibility across multiple dark web sources

Gain visibility across all anonymity networks including Tor, I2P, Freenet, ZeroNet and OpenBazzar - where users conceal their identity and online activities to access websites and cloud storage on the dark web.

Access black markets and authenticated forums

Employ sophisticated techniques to infiltrate black markets and authenticated forums. Gather vital insights into what others can't see including closed forums, chat rooms and vendor networks - detecting communication of true risk to bolster defences.

Our customers rely on comprehensive visibility

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CDP risk exposure reports are generated by assessing thousands of open and closed data sources from the deep and dark web.

We’ll create a high-level snapshot of your digital footprint and provide you with a report detailing your cyber risk exposure evaluation.

This snapshot provides a broad understanding of your online activities and preferences, highlighting areas of potential exposure so that you gain the visibility you need to strengthen defences.

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