Uncover and dismantle hidden cyber threats across the web.

Close Digital Protection is an external threat intelligence platform that offers organisations extensive visibility and safeguarding capabilities across the surface, deep, and dark web.


Our Threat Intelligence Solution is Built By CISO's For CISO's

Attack Surface

The Close Digital Protection Platform identifies key functions of your business and automatically maps their attack footprint.

Intelligence Monitoring

Once key assets are identified, each is continuously scanned through our dataset of over 100 billion attributes.

Intelligence Analysis

Using advanced AI and ML, the Platform builds relationships between alerts and tracks signals from known/unknown threats.

Protect brands, customers, employees, infrastructure, and supply chains

Your organisations external attack surface is full of assets your internal threat intelligence solutions can't control - it's time to start looking outside the castle walls.

Start by mapping your organisations key economic functions to understand where your true blind spots are.

Monitor threats across the surface, deep, and dark web

Track these threats from surface web social nets to clandestine dark web marketplaces in a single monitoring and research tool.

Gain extensive visibility of Vendors, Users, APTs, and other malicious actors across underground sources.

Monitor and investigate threats in real-time via a single alert dashboard

Increase threat detection speed by investigating alerts in real-time within a single dashboard. The Platform provides capability for incident response teams to switch between monitoring function to investigation suit in each alert.

Information extracted from alerts can be searched across our data lake, verified by our Digital Ops team, with an end result of actionable intelligence.

Immediately takedown threats to counteract attacks

Utilise end-to-end automated takedown request functions to gain true insights to threats that are being remediated.

Eliminate threats rapidly and on a large scale from social networks, mobile app stores, and impersonating domains – utilising automated takedown requests and our in-house Digital Ops specialists.

Become Cyber Resilient with Close Digital Protection