Supply Chain Visibility and Risk Management

Gaining visibility and protecting your supply chain is key for business continuity.


Why monitor and protect your supply chain?

Your organisation's suppliers are key for your business to operate. Attackers target your suppliers as they can provide an easier route into your systems. If the risk of your suppliers is not managed due to neglected supplier security and protection, it would result in serious financial lose and possible legal ramifications.

Close Digital Protection offers an Attack Surface Discovery tool to automatically map your suppliers, their assets, and key points of compromise to proactively prevent attacks and/or identify attacks in progress.

Automatically map your suppliers, their assets, and key points of compromise.
Detect for changes in supplier assets and identify new areas of weakness.
Maintain trust by proactively alerting suppliers when their data is targeted.

Neutralise External Threats with Speed, Precision, and Scalability.

Supplier Mapping

Discover your supply chain threats by automatically mapping their environment in real-time - visually see their exposure and reduce threat detection time.

Data Coverage

Scan over 100 sources to collect information about your suppliers. The more quality data, the more truth you have about their vulnerabilities.

Automated Analysis

Automatically analyse relationships between supplier assets to create true risk scoring. This allows us to reduce noise and focus on alerts that matter.

Are your suppliers protected against attacks?

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Organisations report supply chain attacks


Of supply chain attacks are caused by phishing


Days to detect a supply chain compromise

Discover and Protect Your Supply Chain

To protect against supply chain threats - secure a full attack surface blueprint to optimise visibility.

Login Portals

Monitor supplier login portals to detect stolen username and password data, preventing account credential stuffing.

Risk Assessments

Conduct continuous risk assessments to identify which suppliers are most at risk from being targeted by bad actors.

Impersonating Websites

Protect suppliers from unknowingly submitting their details into a website impersonating your organisation.

Value Add

Demonstrate to suppliers that you are proactively protecting them from cyber attacks, enhancing trust between them and your brand.