Discover where your workforce are targeted

Employees are your workforce and must be protected from cyber attacks at all costs.


Why do you need to protect your workforce ?

Your workforce is the key to successful business operations. If your employees have been targeted or compromised, your business diverts and changes course to a standstill. It is essential that employees with access to sensitive information, such as executives, security teams, and development teams, are tightly monitored for compromises.

Close Digital Protections (CDP) lets you identify where data is slipping through the net, offering an Attack Surface Discovery tool that automatically maps your employees and their assets, including corporate/personal email addresses, phone numbers and online accounts.

Automatically map your employees, their assets, and key points of compromise.
Detect for changes in employee assets and identify new areas of weakness.
Maintain trust by proactively alerting employees when their data is targeted.

Corporate, Employee and Executive Compromise Challenges

Targeted Employees

Employees with higher levels of access are targeted to give bad actors a heads-start at system compromising yous systems.

Compromised Executives

Executives with access to financial resources and critical mailboxes are targeted the most within your organisation.

Account Takeover Attacks

Threat actors use stolen credentials - not brute force - sold on black markets to login to your accounts.

Impersonating Accounts

Key personnel are targeted on online social media platform by fake accounts that tarnish their reputation.

Neutralise Threats against Employees with Precision

Employee Visibility

Launch into CDP for the first time and access full visibility of all employees and their assets - no systems integrations needed.

Compromise Stats

Understand who and what departments are most likely to be compromised and maximise security resources in the right areas of your business.

Employee Changes

Automatically detect when employee assets change and/or are targeted by threat actors. Visually see these changes occur over time in the graph interface.

Are your employees protected against attacks?

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Account takeover attacks in the last year


Daily attacks on online retail websites


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Monitor and Protect Your Workforce

To protect against employee threats - secure a full attack surface blueprint to optimise visibility.

Identify Assets

Identify what assets an employee actively uses, including social media accounts, email addresses and domains.

Insider Threat

Prevent employees from targeting your organisation by detecting threatening content that could be used to cause damage.

Detect Changes

Monitor for changes in employee compromised data, sentiment/trend data and activity across surface, deep and dark web.

Personal vs Corporate

Attackers will target personal data as well as corporate data. Make sure all your bases are covered by identifying personal assets.