Unmask Social Media threat and safeguard reputation

Stay vigilant against impersonation and negative sentiment. Implement social media monitoring to safeguard your brand's integrity.


Critical oversight can lead to reputational damage - monitor your social landscape

Social media is often overlooked as a vital part of cybersecurity strategy - resource constraints, perceived low relevance and challenging visibility means many organisations are highly exposed to reputational threat.

Over 4 billion active users - including bad actors and malicious parties – regularly engage on networking and interactive platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit), sharing real-time content and opinion across a vast information superhighway. 

We continuously monitor trends and sentiment across the social media landscape, detecting potential threats and motivations that can damage your organisation's reputational integrity.

Expose account compromise: detect suspicious activity and unauthorised access attempts on business and C-Suite accounts
Prevent reputational damage: identify threats from fraudulent accounts impersonating your organisation and executives.
Enhance social media visibility: analyse sentiment and content to identify risks to your brand, senior executives and reputation 

Monitor sentiment and identify account compromise

Monitor malicious sentiment, detect employee account compromise and identify security incidents and threat actors. Gather data and analysis from various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit), consolidated into one single interface to enable you to assess exposure to potential risks and relevant conversations.

Unmask account impersonators

Account impersonators spread misinformation, engage in scams and damage your reputation. Our advanced technology detects and identifies suspicious activity across your business and C-Level executive account activity, detecting irregular posting patterns, unusual language, rapid follower growth, brand variations, unsolicited messages and social engineering attempts. 

Unveil threat actors with insights from your account activity

Collect data from your social media account activity to analyse and comprehend threat actors' motivations, tactics and intentions. By monitoring online interactions, posts and engagement, we provide valuable insights into potential cyber threats that allow your organisation to enhance cybersecurity strategy and proactively defend against malicious activities.

Shield your organisation from reputational damage

Identify trends and patterns in social media discussions to recognise evolving threats and changes in threat actor behaviour. Assess the tone and sentiment of posts to gain insights into public perceptions and potential risks, enabling your organisation to address emerging cybersecurity threats and safeguard reputation.

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